My transformation has been nothing short of amazing. I owe it all to JVS.

Investing In Your Future

Monica had spent decades working in the automotive industry until the day her company closed and she lost her job. “This was a turning point for me. I could either go to another automotive shop and start all over at entry level pay, or I could make a career shift and invest in a long-term career path.” The healthcare field felt like a secure industry to enter and launch a second career. Monica tried finding training programs through the unemployment office, but the system was slow and unresponsive. “I was distraught from spending so much time chasing them down for information, and then I finally found JVS’s Dental Assistant program.”

JVS was responsive and enrolled Monica at once. She learned all the basic dental skills needed in our accelerated, 14-week training program. Just as the paid externship part of the program was about to begin, COVID-19 hit. “It was tough because I had been really counting on that paycheck. JVS jumped in and provided us with a stipend to keep us afloat while the dental offices were closed.” Through JVS’s employer connections, Monica secured an interview at SmileSF as soon as they reopened their office.

“I completed the interview and just signed my offer letter for a full-time position! It feels unbelievable to find a job so fast in this pandemic.” Monica finally has a career she is excited to grow into. She plans to sit for the Registered Dental Assistant exam in a few months. “My transformation has been nothing short of amazing. I owe it all to JVS.”



Dental Assistant

These skills are transferable wherever I go. Nobody can take that away from me. For the first time in my career, I have goals for myself.


Gus Kuzbyt

Tech Support Job Seeker

The Power Of Connections

Gus had worked in a tech support role for over 20 years, until he lost his job due to COVID-19 layoffs. After months of job searching, he was forced to take a survival job to support his family. At 58 years old, Gus began working 60-hour weeks in a warehouse, lifting 50-pound boxes just to make ends meet. This job took a toll on him physically, took him away from family time, and increased his anxiety about safety concerns and contracting the virus.

The Employment Development Department referred Gus to JVS’s Job Search Accelerator program, where he learned strategies for conducting a job search during the pandemic, including how to overcome ageism in the tech industry. “It’s tough being 58 years old with decades of experience, and always passing the phone interviews, but never getting to the video interview rounds.”

Through our 2-week Job Search Accelerator program, Gus learned how to position himself in an interview, polish his resume, and make connections. “I wasn’t going to let these barriers stop me. I learned the power of networking and reached out to anyone I knew in the tech world to expand my network.”

JVS helped Gus stabilize by providing a stipend for his internet bills so that he could keep his internet access. As he continues his job search, Gus has been using his new network to find job leads and connecting fellow JVS clients to job opportunities. “We are all in this together. We help each other any way we can, much like a little family. A job may not be a fit for me, but I can share it with others.”

Gus’s future career goal is to secure a stable job with regular hours, where he can work in a safe environment and spend more time with his family. “With JVS in my corner, I know I will land somewhere soon.”

Nobody was prepared for this pandemic, but JVS didn’t skip a beat. Even when they were switching to virtual services, they kept in touch with us from day one and made us feel like we are not in this alone.

Nobody was prepared for this pandemic, but JVS didn’t skip a beat. Even when they were switching to virtual services, they kept in touch with us from day one and made us feel like we are not in this alone.

Gus Kuzbyt

Tech Support Job Seeker


Our Community Is Stepping Up

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Supporters and Volunteers: The need is greater than we have seen in our lifetimes. Your financial support and volunteer hours are critical.

Elected Officials and Policymakers: Investments must be made in workforce and training, and need to include training-related, subsidized employment and job creation. We are deepening our commitment to advocate for policies that strengthen the social safety net.

Hiring Local, Diverse Talent: Utilize our strong network of job seekers to hire non-traditional, qualified candidates for career path jobs.



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